business consulting

Ingenuity Business Development is a consulting company involved in assisting businesses to grow and realise their opportunities. Ingenuity utilises its knowledge and experience in Strategic Management, Change Management and Sales & Marketing.

Business Training

Ingenuity provides training in a number of key areas such as Sales and Marketing Training, Strategic Plan creation, Microsoft Office Training for results, and Personal Productivity training to name a few.

Business Support

Ingenuity can support in key areas such creating a Marketing Plan and using tools such as social media and websites; Sales Plan Development and meeting objectives; and Administrative Development such as Finance and HR.

Strategy is nothing without execution

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We aim to develop productivity and innovation

We help you to create plans that work and can be executed using your team.

Supercharge yourself or staff in every key area of personal performance.

Take advantage of the electronic economy and the tools available.

We can train from CEO to rank and file on using Microsoft Office software such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint, to make work easier.

Practical training, workshops and innovative exercises help to foster camaraderie and bond teams together.

Take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level with world class analysis, planning and execution.

Help your business to know what it knows and turn that information and insight into growth and profit.

Take a critical and logical view of your business processes and procedures and reinforce or repair where necessary.

Market and interact with your customers using social media tools and build a firm platform of organic support online.

Meet Our Team

  • Randall Douglas

    Randall Douglas is the Chief Consultant and owner of Ingenuity Business Development. Mr. Douglas brings…

  • Rawle Rollocks

      Rawle Rollocks is a sales professional with over 15 years of new business development,…

  • Derek Hannays

    For the last ten years has gained experience in sales, trade marketing, and sales management,…

  • Andrea Rochford

    Andrea Rochford is the Senior Consultant and C.E.O. of Personalized Quality Systems. Andrea has eighteen…